Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Crazy From the Heat

  It was the fourth day of a tremendous heat wave. People must have died. The Van Man was sure of that. In the Valley, not even the ice cream shops got off easy. One that Van Man frequented lost its power due to a brown-out. Damn, thought Van Man. He wanted to eat his Oreo Salted Caramel flavor in the coolness of the shop. He had decided on a treat for himself because of the discovery that his Van had a flat tire earlier that morning.. He had to pay a hefty sum to get it replaced right then. The Van Man understood that when one lived in a van, one must keep it mobile. He drove away with a cup of ice cream. It was too hot to be outside. Van Man drove to what had become his favorite coffee shop. It was his place of retreat from the heat and his solace for writing. It was also a perfect place to shit and brush his teeth.
  He drank the coffee and wrote on the pages. He wore earphones and listened to AC/DC. Van Man found that he was more focused and wrote better when he listened to Rock 'n Roll or Soul music. That day, however, he found out something far more interesting.
  AC/DC grooved in his ears and he noticed: every single woman in the joint moved with the beat. Every one of them. The fat ones, the skinny ones, the black ones, the white ones, the yellow ones and the browns. The gay ones and the straight ones. It did not seem to differentiate. And it did not matter which song played. Bon Scott roared and the women moved with such perfect rhythm. They're struttin', thought Van Man. Even the baristas behind the counter seemed to break out of their robotic motions and come alive. The old men who sat together and drank coffee appeared as though they smiled. Had Van Man made all of this up in his mind? He considered that he might have gone crazy so he ripped off the earphones. The women no longer moved with the electricity that they once had. The coffee shop had become sad and boring filled with robots and sad men. The Van Man was sad and he quickly put back on the earphones. "Gimme a Bullet" played, Bon roared and the party was back on.
  The heat swelled in the Valley and people died. Power was lost all over. But at a little coffee shop in Toluca Lake, a party continued. The Van Man smiled and listened to The Thunder From Down Under. It was hot outside, but not nearly as hot as that party.

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