Monday, September 8, 2014

The Long Lost Brother of Axl Rose

  Starbucks. Toluca Lake. Van Man had just seen two actors of moderate fame that he recognized that morning, so he didn't mind to let his mind travel. For a split-second, just a fraction of a moment in the history of the universe, considering time and place and the absurdity of Los Angeles in the summer he thought that the grizzled, red-headed gentleman with the pig tails down to his waist was the fiery lead singer, Axl Rose. That brief moment passed and Van Man realized that, of course, it wasn't. He ordered his coffee and sat himself, as he envied Axl Rose's Long Lost Brother's table which was right next to an outlet. And in clear view of the pretty Granola Chick who sat outside with a squirrel tail coming out of her bag. Van Man eyed Granola Girl and Axl Rose's Brother, as he waited for the moment to grab the spot.
  After a few minutes, Armenian Man snagged the empty table of the Brother of Axl Rose and Van Man sat, content to stay in his spot. Then he had to take a leak. Van Man walked to the restroom and felt good. The coffee was kicking in. To his surprise, there was only one man waiting for the men's restroom. The Long Lost Brother of Axl Rose. Van Man thought to think of an interesting thought that would entertain hiim. Before he could muster that thought, The Brother of Axl Rose spoke.  "You gotta piss?  'Cause if you do, you can go ahead.  Been workin' one." Van Man quickly nodded and made a jumbled grunt. The men's room door opened and a non-descript gentleman exited. Axl Rose's Brother kindly stepped out of the way as Van Man entered the restroom, locking the door behind him. Van Man was glad.  
  After he was finished, Van Man quickly washed his hands, knowing The Long Lost Brother of Axl Rose had been workin' one. As he exited, Axl's Bro rushed in to the bathroom and Van Man knew then that he was not a relative of Axl Rose. That man was a gentleman. 

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