Monday, October 13, 2014

A Midnight Dig

  The Van Man was tired. Dog tired. He and the Irishman had worked the day away filling a ten-ton dumpster completely full of dirt and bricks. Van Man was worked to the bone and just wanted to get back to the park. He drove up Sepulveda and imagined himself in the back of his van with curtains closed. He imagined himself on top of the rolled out bed sheets and asleep. Sound asleep. But he was dirty and The Van Man had to get clean. The gym was his first stop.
  It was late afternoon. Van Man hoped that the locker room was not full. He knew better. It was Thursday and people in LA loved to work out after work. Especially on Thursdays.
  The gym was crowded, but the locker room was not. Van Man found an acceptable locker and then slogged his way to the shower stalls. His body was caked in dirt and dead spiders. The water splashed down onto his body. It was a miracle. Van Man got clean.
  Van Man got back to his van. He was happy. Being clean can do that to a person. He also had a wad of filthy money in his pocket. Filthy money earned from the filthy job. A wad of money had a way of bringing happiness as well.
  The evening progressed and The Van Man ran errand after errand. It was late and he had finally made it to the park. The van pulled in to its usual spot. Its headlights illuminated two people playing in the dirt. Kids, thought Van Man. He got out of the van and disconnected the battery. A nightly ritual of Van Man's. He realized that the two kids who dug in the dirt at nine o'clock at night were The Young Couple from the Red Truck. And the two dug in the dirt with a determination more fierce than Van Man and the Irishman had earlier in the day. The Young Couple seemed artistic in their approach. They nodded at Van Man and he nodded back. The Young Couple had sheets draped over them as they dug and created. They're on acid, Van Man thought.
  The night wore on and Van Man woke up every so often to peek out his van window. The Young Couple continued to dig in the dirt. Van Man's body ached. He needed sleep but The Young Couple fascinated him. At midnight, The Young Couple ceased their dig and went to sleep. Van Man knew they had created something psychedelic out in the darkness. He was just too damn tired to move. The moon was full and Friday had come. The Van Man slept, comforted by the lunacy that October brought.

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