Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Poem From a Van #1

Where's The Sun?
That fierce, piercing lady
That Goddess of everything that hates
Intense when she desires him uncomfortable
She wields a whip of heat
That rips his clothes off
Where is She?

The city needs her
It's been two weeks already
That homeless guy
The Sonny Bono guy
He's cold and talking to himself
He really needs to be warm
And talking to himself

The women don't look the same
Without The Sun
They smile only softly
The glint is gone from the eyes
They must wear scarves now
Showing their tanned legs no more
Where is The Sun?

And he's cold as hell
In the back of his chariot
Wishing her back
It's only November
March is a long way away
Fun in the sun with his gun
Where's The Sun?

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