Friday, November 28, 2014

A Thanksgiving Story

  The Van Man ate the turkey leg. The saliva mixed with the turkey juices and it ran down his fingers. It dripped on the floorboard as he sat Indian-style in the back of the van. Alone.
  He was thankful. He had found the delicious half-eaten bird just sitting on top of all the garbage in the dumpster behind the grocery store. Van Man was only there to throw away his bottles of piss and there it was. The Sun shone down on the partial fowl like it presented it to Van Man. A gift from the gods, thought Van Man. He looked around. No one was near. Van Man grabbed the Turkey with one hand. He unloaded the piss with the other. He was definitely thankful.
  Van Man gobbled down the gobbler meat. He had found a shaded spot by a set of basketball courts. It was Thanksgiving and it was quiet. Soon, though, he heard a scuffle. An ado of some type. He thought it must be kids playing basketball. The scuffle became louder. Van Man peeked out his window. A Young Black Boy was being taunted and shoved by Two White Teenagers. This ain't good, he thought. A moment later, an Older Black Man arrived at the court. He screamed at the White Teenagers. They screamed back. The yells turned into punches rather quickly. The fight was lopsided. The Black Man beat up the Teenagers and Van Man watched on. He was impressed. The Older Man and Young Boy embraced.
  A police car arrived at the scene and Two Officers quickly approached The Black Man and Boy. They screamed for The Black Man to get onto the ground. The Black Man tried to explain the situation, but The Officers would not listen. Van Man became angered. the Officers pushed The Black Man to the ground. Van Man had seen enough. He popped open the sliding door and ran to the scene. The Officers saw Van Man approach and demanded him to halt. Van Man yelled at The Officers. He screamed that they had the wrong idea about The Black Man. The Officers yelled back, but he could not quite understand what they said. Van Man continued explaining that The Two White Teenagers were responsible for the entire situation. The Teenagers heard this as they gathered themselves by the fence. The officers screamed louder and pointed their guns at Van Man. This frightened him. He raised both hands to The Officers. It was a plea for them not to shoot. They shot. The bullets tore into Van Man's chest and he fell backwards to the ground. The Officers ran to him. Van Man stared up at the blue sky. His sight faded. He was sure he could hear some voice say "I thought it was a gun". Van Man grasped the turkey leg tighter., he thought. Van Man raised the turkey leg high above him. The Officers stared at the blood-covered meat. Van Man's arm dropped. He was dead.
  The Sun welcomed The Van Man as it continued warming the November day. The Older Man and Young Boy walked away. And The Officers pleaded to deaf ears. The White Teenagers rode away in the back of their parents' cars and all were thankful to be alive.

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