Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Tears In the Park

  January had made way for February and Valentine's Day neared. The Van Man exercised at the park, in the gaze of The Sun. He stripped off his shirt and began his work-out ritual of recited Shakespeare between each set. A young, Asian lady approached the bench close to him. She sniffled and shuddered and Van Man knew she was in pain. He knew Young Asian Lady was heartbroken. And she just wanted a spot to be alone.
  Van Man considered checking on her. To see if she was alright. He decided against it. Whatever caused her apparent devastation was not his concern. If life in a van had taught him anything, it was to mind your own business. Also, Van Man had worn a pair of shorts that were very tight and rather inappropriate. He liked to get his tan as close to his junk as possible and he wore them short, as well. The last thing she needed was a vulgar man from a van telling her it would all be okay. Van Man continued on with his work-out.
  Young Asian Lady sobbed and wailed. Van Man recognized them as cries not of the family-member-or-close-friend-had-died variety, but of the love-has-been-vanquished kind. When a significant other had decided the other was not significant any more. Happy Valentine's Day, thought Van Man.
  After five or ten minutes had passed, an old black man arrived. Van Man had seen him there many times before and was quite familiar with him. The Old Black Man liked to exercise at the park and the bench was his favorite rest spot. The Old Man spoke to Young Lady. Van Man could tell he had offered kind words to her. Fuckin' cocksman, Van Man thought to himself. The Old Man began the running portion of his work-out. The Young Lady cried.
  Van Man had finished the Queen Mab speech as Young Lady's new ex-boyfriend arrived. Not much was spoken between the two. A scream here and there from Young Asian Lady. Then New Ex-Boyfriend gave up and left. He seemed exhausted. The Young Lady walked off, as she called a friend to pick her up. Van Man finished the work-out.
  Van Man was all too aware that nothing lasts forever. Love certainly existed, but it was a fleeting moment. Like every other moment. It was important to enjoy it when you have it and to understand when it ends. Love, according to The Van Man, was chaotic by nature. It could only stabilize itself for a very brief amount of time. And then it would end. Just like van life. Just like winter in LA.

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