Wednesday, March 11, 2015

And Then They Were Gone

  The park was his solace. A place to retreat to at the end of the long day. A place where The Van Man did not worry about being hassled. It was a place to feel good while The Sun was out and he could exercise in peace. And it was a place where he did not feel alone. The Red Truck Couple had been there with him since the beginning. Parked in their familiar place. Night after night, morning after morning. The young lovers with hope and not much else. Well, they had each other and that was enough. And then they were gone.
  The Red Truck Couple had been his constant for seven months. And then they were not. There had been a kinship between them and Van Man. A wave and a smile exchanged whenever their paths crossed. In the lunacy of chasing one's dream, kinship was difficult to come by. Van Man knew this all too well. Most people did not understand what sacrifice for success meant. A subscription to Netflix, but no cable was sacrifice enough for many. To give up almost everything he had in order to pursue his dream was deemed insanity by some that Van Man knew. But it was not seen as insane by The Red Truck Couple. It was the only way to live a life. Sacrifice. And then they were gone.
  Van Man was happy for them. He knew they had continued on their path. Just like he. He wished them success in their lives together. They're young as shit, but they'll make it, he thought. The Van Man could only smile. When he began his journey, he never thought that he would form a bond with others. It was supposed to be a lonely path that he was on. He felt grateful as he stood in the park and stared down at the weird religious message carved deeply into the dirt. The Van Man remembered when The Red Truck Couple dug the message in the middle of the night. Pure lunacy. Just like him. And then it sunk in. They were gone.

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