Friday, April 17, 2015

Opening Night

  The Big Man ordered his coffee and slipped the barista some cash. The Van Man watched him as he took back his change. Big Man held the coins up to his eyeballs and inspected each one carefully. It was important to The Big Man. Everybody's got something, thought Van Man. He was right. Every person had one thing in common with everyone else. Something out there fascinated them.
  Van Man had his hearing back. It was not perfect, but the ringing was gone. In a few hours, the Western show would open and audiences would delight in gunshots and peanuts. It was exciting. It was one of only three places where Van Man could still find magic. On stage, on set and in between a woman's thighs.
  The Big Man left with his order and his coins. He was happy with the magic they held for him. Van Man stared at the line of customers. All had an interest. Something that fascinated them. Makeup, fast cars, mason jars, walking around in panties and heels, old anatomy books...those were the things that made up life for so many. The Van Man had acting. And coffee. And his van.

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