Thursday, June 25, 2015

Closing Weekend

  The last weekend of the show had arrived. Othello was to close and his Iago would be put to bed. The Van Man had the early post-show blues. The month-long run of the show had thrust him into some respected actor spotlight. He felt good about himself. He finally felt proud. But it was to end in two days and Van Man would be thrown back to the taillight of some man in a van.
  Work had come and Van Man had earned some bread to keep him afloat. The work was much appreciated. The WeHo summer camp had started and he was happy to be back to teaching Lego skills to the little campers three times a week. The Sun sat close in the sky. And it set the city afire. Simply put: it was goddamn fucking hot.
  Heat in the city had a way of turning Angelinos crazy. Especially in traffic. Van Man idled in his van at a traffic light, Cahuenga and Melrose. It was green and he was behind two cars. More vehicles piled behind Van Man as they all waited for the oncoming traffic to end or for the light to turn red, whichever came first. Red. Only the first car turned. "What the fuck, one car?", yelled the man in the out-of-time Ford, behind Van Man. What the fuck, indeed.
  In the Valley, Van Man stopped at a diner for a bite. A long-haired, young man stopped him as he was exiting. "Hey, man, you got two bucks? I am going through some SHIT right now." The Long-hair pointed outside to a shopping cart full of bags and possessions. Van Man apologized as he said no and walked away. We're all going through some shit, man, thought Van Man.
  The Sun set and Van Man drove through the Valley. The show would soon be over and he would be alone again. And The Van Man would have to figure out a way to get to the next moment of his life.

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