Tuesday, July 21, 2015


  The Van Man awoke in a sweat. It was damn hot. Too hot for whatever ungodly hour it was. His senses came into focus. The van slowly rocked left to right, left to right. Then he heard the moans. Slight and aching. Van Man knew instantly that they were the moans of lust and orgasmic tension. They were his favorite type. Left to right, left to right. Van Man did not dare move. He did not want to scare away the source. Left to right. He laid on the floor of his van, shirtless and sweaty. Van Man noticed a window curtain was ajar and he could see through the crack. There was a young man with his mouth open. He looked down at someone...or some thing. Left to right, left to right. Van Man had to see. He slithered up to the window, very quiet. He peeked out and saw the movements of a young woman with the young man. They moaned. Please, don't go, thought Van Man and he slid his hand down the front of his shorts. Left to right, left to right. Then the moaning stopped and the van ceased to rock. Van Man watched out the back window. The Young Man walked away, as he tied a long-sleeve shirt around his waist. The Young Lady followed, in a very sultry manner. Why did they stop? Van Man quickly got his answer as an older female jogger ran by. She had disrupted the erotic meeting between the three of them.
  Van Man checked the time. It was three-thirty in the morning and he truly felt alive. Sweat dripped down his cheeks, the couple drove away and the jogger jogged. The Van Man hoped they would visit him again soon. He would be prepared next time.

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