Saturday, October 10, 2015

Out With the Old, In With the New

  A new play. The Van Man was eager to perform again. Billed as a show about eroticism and fantasies, Van Man was intrigued. The theatre was located in an abandoned industrial section downtown. East of Skid Row, it was a place that housed many factories, once upon a time. An area that had made a great deal of money for the city, but in recent years became a poignant reminder of the Great Recession. Dead, empty brick buildings that longed for love. And then, the young and vibrant dreamers had made their way in. A revolution of creation had sparked the area back to life. Various bands rehearsed in the various warehouses and the street parking was ample. Van Man could dig.
  The artists were serious about their craft. They wanted to be provocateurs of the human condition, to open minds. Van Man craved intensity and the group delivered. There was also beer. A few of the Artists sipped from bottles throughout the rehearsal. It seemed a way to loosen up for the extreme nature of the production. Van Man was offered one, but turned it down. He was on duty.
  The rehearsal was fierce, the end came and the Artists relaxed. Van Man was spent. Being spent after rehearsal was akin to sex without cumming. It felt great, but it was a tease. The performance was the orgasm. So, he had a beer.
  Van Man said goodbye to the Artists and walked to his van. Bands rehearsed in the night. Inspiration filled the air, as did smells from a taco truck. He knew those lonely buildings were, once again, loved. Where manufacturing had been, creation stepped in. Like a dutiful son. The Van Man looked up as he drove away. The moon was close. It was a new beginning.