Monday, February 15, 2016

A President's Day Story

  Lethargy had taken over. The Van Man was not interested in doing much of anything. Fire trucks roared through the nearby streets. Typical Monday morning in the Valley. Traffic and emergencies.
  It was President's Day and something seemed off to Van Man. An odd feeling in the atmosphere. A staleness. There was a touch of cold within the hot day. Van Man wanted a milkshake. It would make him feel better.
  In the ice cream parlor, Van Man surveyed the flavors. He felt he had tasted them all, at some point. He was bored. "Don't know what I want", he said to the counter girl. She was a cute brunette with streaks of blue in her hair. She wore shorts and knee-high socks, striped at the top. "How about the Presidential Special?", she asked him. "What's that?", he replied while looking for the signage on the wall. "It's one scoop of vanilla, whipped cream and a cherry", said the Counter Girl. Boring, thought Van Man. "Nah", he replied. "And you eat it out of my pussy." The Counter Girl smiled. Van Man looked around. No one else in the place. His eyes were wide, his mouth agape. He nodded. "Good", she replied and walked to the back room, through a swinging door. Van Man was hesitant. And he was conflicted. She did not ask him to follow her. But he did agree to purchase a Presidential Special. And she did say he would have to eat it from between her legs. That was definitely not going to happen in the lobby. What if hot, sweating families came in?
  The swinging door opened as Van Man stepped into the back room. There were many large freezers which made complete sense to him. But there was no Counter Girl. Van Man took a few steps. "Hello?" No reply. Thoughts of candid cameras swarmed his mind. Maybe he should go back. The sound of a blender emanated from somewhere. Then a second. Then a third. The sounds seemed to be coming from the freezers. Van Man walked to the closest one and opened it. He peered into the foggy chamber. It was like nothing he had seen before.
  The next morning, Van Man's van was towed away from the ice cream parlor. It would sit in the auction yard for nearly six months before being sold off for scrap metal. The ice cream parlor continued on, producing flavors of the month that had never been tasted by the neighborhood before. Business boomed and The Van Man was never seen again.

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